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DØT Magazine is a Portuguese music magazine on the editorial panorama.

Features emergent Portuguese musicians, being based on the idea of

new talents, new minds.


The project was released in April 2019 and as of May the first edition had sold out. It was a limited edition of 80 copies.


Together with more team members we created volume number 2, which was released during the Covid-19 pandemic. The print run was 300 and, at the present moment, we're down to almost 2/3. 

Nowadays, besides doing the editorial photography & design of the magazine, I'm also in charge of the management.

It's an independent project with no sponsoring. All the money made from sales is put on the budget to cover the expenses.

Below is the manifesto (in Portuguese, sorry!) & some photos featured in both volumes.


Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 00.37.22.png
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